About Allen's Trail Rides Guided Tours

My name is Jeff Allen. I've been hunting in Utah and Northern Arizona my entire life. I have also been specially breeding my hunting hounds for 28 years. These hounds have made outstanding Bareground or Snow Lion dogs, as well as excellent Bobcat and Bear dogs. They have outstanding and reliable hunting companions for me for many years and continue to be so today. We offer exciting hunts and relaxing trail rides in the panoramic Southern Utah, Northern Arizona landscape. Our hunting guides are knowledgeable and experienced, our Horses are well trained, reliable and gentle (with no rider weight limit) Our dogs are well bred, healthy, and energetic. Some samples of our services and prices are below: 5 Day Cougar Hunt $4,000 Guaranteed Tom Cougar $5,500 5 Day Mule Deer Hunt $4,000 Bobcat $1,500. The Trail ride prices are generally as follows: $40.00 per person for 1hr $70.00 per person for 2hr $100 per person for half day

Allen's Trail Rides Guided Tours
Jacobs Lake
Jacobs Lake, UT
Phone: 435-644-8150